SHOWCASE by Gediminas Saulis

Viktor Pelevin "T." Book Cover About

Camouflage Land. Book | VDA

PAD/11/1 ♦ Poster-A-Day

A Night Board Game "MOON" | VDA
210° or Peripherical View of Human Eye. Book | DK:
LOVE posters | LOVE
KIFF. Poster | Not-Perfect

Titles for the movie "Kliudžiau". Motion | VDA

Logotype for board game "MOON"

Christmas Edition. Beer bottle skin | Not-Perfect

Camouflage. Conceptual
VilNews of the World. Poster competition. Poster | VDA

Kaunas International Film Festival. Catalogue | Not-Perfect
PHOBIA @ PICTOPIA Berlin. Print | Moytoy

Urban Sapiens. Logotype

Gediminas Saulis. Graphic Designer, Art Director

(+370 671 49321)

I am Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe. I hold BA degree in graphic design from Academy of Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania (2010).

Currently - Freelancer.

More details on Curriculum Vitae.

Life in pictures on Flickr, professional stuff Linkedin, adsoftheworld.com.

“Jaffa Magazine. 06“ (LV). 2007
“Web design index by content .03“ (US). 2007
“Design for City / VilNews of the world“ (LT). 2009
“Lürzer's Archive Vol. 4-2011“ (EU, US). 2011

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